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Meet the MUD team (photo from their recent MUD house party).
From left to right // Back Row: In the Mud Tee—Steven Idodo, Collin Sees, Quiton Boudwin, David Hulett and Clara Wang
Front Row // Cheyenne Doer, Domingo Anthony, and Paul Ramirez. 
Other MVPs not present in this photo: Caroline Waxse, Avalon Gordon, Taylor Jones, Madison Snelling, Anthony Green and Amarie Gipson
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Listen up. We’ve got the dish on one of Austin’s newest zines.

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Here’s an illustrated token of gratitude to our peeps at Karbach Brewing Co. Not only have they supplied us with tasty brews all year long, but they have proudly cheered the arts on! And for that we are so thankful! Cheers!

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Today, PLOG features works by Richie Deegan, an artist and “suburban painter dad” based in Austin, Texas.

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This week, PLOG features “Red State” from Cody Bubenik, an art commentary on Texas’ politics. From the artist: “Red State is a recent project I started after I found myself taking long walks every other day. I started to read about Texas and its relation to being a red state and its voting block, and […]

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Dixie Impressions Sketches of the South as seen from the Road grits and greens traverse the plate – chicken blockade Mountain men stretch beside trucks – Appalachian Sabbath pine and yaupon stand alert – choked by kudzu Cookie drips sweat on Southern stoves – same temp outside Bar-b-q by the pound – closed Mondays

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This week, AOA highlights Manik Raj Nakra, an artist based in Austin, Texas.

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This month’s playlist is made by Austin of Shokka (a new kick ass skate brand from ATX). This mix is filled with some of your favorite local artist and some that might just be all time favorites. Check it out, yo!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.03.54 PM
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Did you miss Ditch the Fest Fest this year? Then have no fear, because we have this fantastic live DTFF performance from Eyelid Kid here…on PLOG! Watch Eyelid Kid’s new video for “Open Up” and dance along.  

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Check out this series of songs turned spoken word and poems from Addison Rice.

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Writer and illustrator Beth Lebwohl shares a personal essay on her herbaceous love affair.

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